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The PhysSecPlus Global Team

PhysSecPlus Global is proud to present our team of exceptional professionals and partners that are at the ready to listen to your pain points, develop tailored solutions, and be your trusted advisors.  Let us introduce you to your professionals, partners, and their talents.

Tim Hobbs, PSP

President and Founder

Physical Security Professional


Throughout his 31-year career, Tim Hobbs has always maintained a decorum of strict integrity in the performance of his many duties and interactions with clients.  This has resulted in the building of immense trust between him and the people he interacts with.  His approach to building business relationships is one of understanding, empathy and friendliness.  In combination with his extensive knowledge in physical security solutions, this approach ultimately results in strong trust and enduring relationships.

As a testament to his commitment to excellence, Tim is an active member of ASIS International, from which he holds and maintains the Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification.  During his career, he has held certifications, engineered solutions, and incurred knowledge of the following systems: AMAG CONNECT PIAM, GUEST Visitor Management, and Symmetry Access Control system; Lenel OnGuard (Gold certification) access controls; SoftwareHouse access controls; Axis video; Quantum Secure SAFE PIAM; Vidsys CSIM (PSIM); Alert Enterprise solutions; and Proxim Wireless.  Tim is also a former CCNA.   

Having worked for companies such as Deloitte & Touche, Booz Allen Hamilton, Unisys, and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), Tim has demonstrated his ability to lead cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration between security experts, architects, engineers, and IT professionals to create holistic security solutions.  At Deloitte, he co-authored Chapter 10 of the FICAM Roadmap.  At Unisys, as the Director of Global Physical Security Programs, Tim architected and lead the business development effort for a $35M solution and opportunity with the Federal Government of Mexico.  He coordinated various engineers and developers across different technical disciplines and companies to develop a whole-of-nation security and crime prevention solution encompassing an integration of 8 different systems into a single platform, and was told by the client that it would “change the country for the better.”

Calling on his extensive global travel to 74 countries spanning five continents, and experiences with many world cultures, Tim easily forms connections with any person he meets, no matter where they are from in the world.  He believes that solid, lasting business relationships endure by being congenial and collaborative.
Mike Phillips, CISM
Cyber Security Professional

Colonel Michael Phillips, with a distinguished 30-year service in the Marine Corps, seamlessly transitioned into the cybersecurity realm, bringing with him a potent fusion of military leadership and technical competence. Based in San Antonio, TX, Mike possesses a wealth of experience from various leadership positions. Notably, he served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Joint Interagency Task Force-South, overseeing Counter Narcotics operations in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific, and held the title of Chief Information Officer/Director of Information for several Marine Corps units, focusing on cybersecurity, regional communications, and equipment maintenance. A highlight of his career was spearheading a $26M cyberspace operations center modernization project.

Mike’s achievements have not gone unnoticed; Mike has been recognized with awards such as the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and the Bronze Star. His capabilities in risk management, governance frameworks, and incident management, combined with his proficiency in security audit, policy formulation, and stakeholder communication, make him an asset for any organization. Furthermore, he’s adept at employee training, ensuring that teams are aligned with security standards and protocols.

Throughout his career, Mike has collaborated with an array of national and international entities, showcasing his aptitude for maintaining business continuity during crises. Operational assignments include multiple partner engagements w/ South American, Central American, European, Japanese, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Philippines militaries and government agencies.  Currently, he is contributing as a Senior Research Engineer at Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology.

Educationally, Mike is well-equipped. He holds an MS in Adult Education from Kansas State University, a BA in History from the University of New Mexico, and multiple senior military courses to his credit. He’s certified as a CISM and was previously a DoD 8570.1 Level III Information Assurance Manager and has completed the Special Technical Operations Planners Course. His skill set is extensive, ranging from risk assessment and governance frameworks to incident management and policy formulation.

In essence, Michael Phillips embodies a rare blend of military discipline and cybersecurity acumen. As he aspires to senior management roles, potential employers stand to gain from his extensive knowledge and a history of impactful leadership.


Partner Company: Anvil Zero

Identity & Access Management/Zero Trust Professionals

Anvil Zero is a leader in the cyber security industry with over two decades of expertise specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM). As senior architects of enterprise-scale IAM solutions, we prioritize both security and practicality in every endeavor.

At Anvil Computing, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the implementation phase. We believe in knowledge transfer, ensuring that our solutions seamlessly transition to our clients’ maintenance staff through comprehensive training and documentation.

Our unique advantage at Anvil Computing lies in our background encompassing both hardware and software engineering. This dual expertise allows us to create IAM solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of use cases. We excel in addressing the intricate challenges faced by government agencies, military organizations, and large commercial enterprises, helping them meet their specific requirements while adhering to the most stringent security controls.

In the ever-evolving field of IAM, collaboration with stakeholders is essential. At Anvil Computing, we actively engage with industry partners to integrate cutting-edge product developments into project lifecycles, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled support. As technical leaders, we foster a culture of continuous growth within our team, encouraging them to expand their expertise and enhance their value in the industry.

   Our Specializations at Anvil Computing:

    Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM)

    Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Federal Guidance Compliance (HSPD-12, FIPS-201, NIST 800 Series, OMB M-11-11, etc.)

    Cybersecurity and FIPS 140-2

    Secure Messaging Solutions

    Physical and Logical Access Control Systems (PACS & LACS)

    Smart Cards: CAC/PIV Cards, PIV-Interoperable, CIV

    PKI Authentication and Certificate Management

    Enterprise Architecture Design & Implementation (Federal/Military)

    Project Management and On-Site Implementation

At Anvil Computing, we are committed to setting the gold standard in the IdAM sector, ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that not only meet their needs but also exceed their expectations.

Partner Company:  Managed Global Solutions

Risk, Data and Workflow Advisory Professionals

Managed Global Solutions are experts and trusted advisors focused on helping clients navigate today’s most challenging risks and threats to public safety, critical infrastructure, command and control center operations, and critical infrastructure protection. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that exceed client expectations for improving situational awareness along with a proactive response to effectively manage safety and security incidents. 


We bring a vast set of skills and industry experience that encompasses a broad range of solution offerings including system design, workflow analysis, data visualization, data analytics, business intelligence, and risk assessments. We understand how to deliver sustainable improvement and implement successful strategies that help protect critical infrastructure, brands, and people. 


Our diverse team of experts has over 30 years of experience in public safety, information technology, risk management, and command and control operations. Collectively, we bring a holistic assessment approach that draws on this broad experience and allows for delivering a tiered methodology to “buy down” risk. 

Our Target Verticals



Financial Institutions

Data Centers


Oil & Gas



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