Physical Security

Physical Security Services

We offer consulting services to attentively listen to you and your voiced issues, identify viable strategies to alleviate those issues, and advise you with detailed deliverables on technology solutions that will assist in mitigating your physical security-related issues.  We effectively provide you with all the information and advice you require in order to make informed decisions.  Our Physical Security consulting services include:

  • Physical Security Systems Advisory:
    • Technology advisory and selection:  We offer our expertise in the following types of solutions:
      • Command and Control for situational awareness and management, including C2, PSIM/CSIM, and Tactical C2 (tracking and interoperable communications)
      • Physical Identity and Access Management systems (PIAM) – Why PIAM?  Through automation of onboarding, off-boarding, access requests, approval processes, recertification of access privileges, auditing and reporting, organizations can reduce risk, save costs up to 85% and stay in compliance.  To learn more in-depth information on this topic, please see our whitepaper here.
      • Video surveillance solutions and video analytics; Drone surveillance.
      • Physical access controls systems (PACS) – Through our knowledge of the access control systems on the market, we advise and help our clients with PACS market research, solution identification, product recommendations, and creation of migration strategies.
      • Intrusion detection systems (IDS) – Through our knowledge of the IDS systems on the market, we advise and help our clients with IDS market research, solution identification, product recommendations, and creation of migration strategies.
      • Practical application of biometrics – We have worked with biometrics for 18 years, and have developed practical applications for past clients using biometrics.  From this knowledge and experience, we advise and help our clients navigate the world of biometrics with product research, identification of potential products that work for the customer, make recommendations, and create strategies for implementation.
    • Technology architecture and design, deployment planning and migration strategies
    • Enterprise Strategic Systems Planning
  • Security Convergence:  The merging of physical and logical/cyber security solutions makes your enterprise and overall security posture much stronger, and provides for better detection of threats, including insider threats.  We specialize in the convergence of physical security and information management technology, and we offer innovative solutions that leverage our client’s existing technology and infrastructure while also integrating cutting-edge technology to help organizations improve safety and security through increased visibility and mitigation of potential risks and threats, in addition to saving costs.
  • Risk Advisory:  Physical vulnerability and risk assessments, including real-time quantitative physical risk assessments with 3D models and performance metrics for systems.  Through in-depth evaluation and analysis, we can help you better understand and address business risks and apply proven strategies to mitigate and protect against threats. We assist in deploying the right solution that best fits your specific needs, budget and long-term effectiveness.
  • Data & Workflow Advisory:  Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Workflow Analysis, Business Intelligence. We can help you achieve better decision-making by creating and implementing techniques to analyze data and work process behavior to improve operational efficiency. We leverage best practices and results-driven techniques to achieve maximum benefits.
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